Drohne Luftaufnahmen Leingarten Dautel

Mercedes-Benz Vans presents: Dautel

Drohne Luftaufnahmen Kirchlinteln Niedersachsen – viel Spaß beim anschauen.

Drohne Luftaufnahmen Kirchlinteln Niedersachsen

Drohne Luftaufnahmen Kirchlinteln Niedersachsen

Mercedes-Benz Vans presents Heinz Schutz GmbH

Ort: Leingarten

Drohne: DJI Inspire2

Kamera: DJI X7

Gimball: DJI X7

Pilot/Kamera: Jochen Riehm

Format: 6K

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Über das Projekt:

Mercedes-Benz Vans is working with bodybuilders for many years now. To fit the industries needs Mercedes-Benz is producing individual solutions ex works called “VanSolution”. Heinz Schutz GmbH is one of their VanSolution partners that produces a platform solution for the Sprinter model. This video gives insight on Schutz’s everyday bodybuilder business, production process and the strong partnership with Mercedes-Benz Vans. Visit the all new Conversion World ▸ http://www.conversion-world.com/ Click here to subscribe to Mercedes-Benz Vans on YouTube ▸ http://mb4.me/MBVans_Subscribe ———————————————————————— Experience the world of Mercedes-Benz Vans ▸ http://mb4.me/Transporter_overview Visit Mercedes-Benz Vans on LinkedIn ▸ http://mb4.me/MBVans_LinkedIn ————————————————————————