Porsche Museum FPV Drohne

Porsche Museum Aerial FPV Drone Tour: The 30,000 Horsepower Aerial Drone Tour

Porsche Museum FPV Drohne

Porsche Museum FPV Drohne

We realise the Aerials with our FPV Drone for the:

Porsche Museum Aerial FPV Drone Tour: The 30,000 Horsepower Aerial Drone Tour.

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In 2020, the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany was forced to close its doors to visitors. It reopened last May and meanwhile has been obliged to close again, but it will reopen on March 9. For those who won’t be able to visit due to travel restrictions, Porsche has provided a unique virtual tour filmed with a drone camera in one epic, seamless shot.

In the world of sports car fascination, there’s no better virtual way to take in the view than by drone. Dream with your eyes wide open and take flight to oversee the magnificent fleet at the Porsche Museum.

The Porsche Museum has been showcasing the history and fascination of the brand in a modern and vibrant way since 2009.

The Porsche Museum keeps tradition alive by bringing the historical values of the company to the present day. Around 95 cars tell the story of the sports car manufacturer in exciting exhibitions, with real dynamism being brought by the regular rotation of the exhibits and the holding of special exhibitions.

Among the world-famous automobile icons are the Porsche 356 “No. 1” Roadster, Porsche 911 models of various generations, not to mention examples of the both the Porsche 550 and the 917. The whole history of Porsche production and motorsport cars is presented in chronological order.

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